What do women really want?
Still out there looking for Mr. Right?
Tired of the dating “game”?
What is taking God so long?

You don’t need another book on relationships, what you really need is a heart-to-heart talk with someone that’s fighting the same secret battles you are. Michal, a young single Christian, dares to give you a peek into her personal journal entries where she writes letters to her “Mr. Right”. In each chapter, the author openly discusses the struggles that singles face, but rarely ever talk about; thoughts and questions that cross your mind, but never share with anyone else.

Singleness is a journey. Whether you’re a guy that believes that you have the right moves to get you through, or a girl that’s got it all figured out, you’re going to love the down-to-earth conversations and real-life adventures in this book. See yourself through God’s eyes. You never know, you may even hear Him whisper some very important truths that you’ve been missing…

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